Sub-Specialty Certifications

Diplomates may further validate their knowledge and experience by achieving Sub-Specialty certification. Sub-Specialty certification reflects dedication to the many associated areas of Health Care Quality and Management.

Additional certifications are available in the following categories:
  • Case Management - CHCQM-CM
  • Managed Care - CHCQM-MC
  • Patient Safety / Risk Management - CHCQM-PSRM
  • Physician Advisor (US-licensed physicians only) - CHCQM-PHYADV™
  • Transitions of Care - CHCQM-TOC
  • Workers’ Compensation - CHCQM-WC

All eligible candidates must verify

1. Current Diplomate status with ABQAURP.

2. Current, non-restricted licensure and/or certification appropriate to the individual’s profession in EACH state or territory in which the individual is licensed or certified (if applicable to individual’s profession).

3. Documentation of active involvement in the candidate’s chosen Sub-Specialty (Physician Advisor, Transitions of Care, Managed Care, Patient Safety/Risk Management, Case Management or Workers’ Compensation) within the past four years. A minimum of 312 hours must be devoted to each Sub-Specialty, which is an average of two hours per week over three years. This experience must be verified by a reference on the appropriate form.

4. A minimum of 24 hours of ABQAURP-approved continuing education pertinent to the chosen Sub-Specialty.
There is a $200.00 non-refundable fee for each Sub-Specialty (applying for these at time of initial certification qualifies for reduced rates).  

Contact Barbara Thomas at with questions.