Joint Providership Resources

Documents and descriptions to aid you in obtaining Joint Providership (JP) for your activity are listed below. Many of these files are in PDF format. To view or print conveniently, we suggest saving these files to your local computer. To do so, simply right-click on any of the links and select "Save Target As" (or similarly worded) option that appears in your browser's dialogue box.

Please Note: All documents are subject to periodic change throughout the year. It is important to use the MOST current version of any file when submitting documentation to the Joint Providership Department. Downloading the necessary files, closest to the time of your application, will ensure proper documentation. 

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Joint Providership Policy
Link to ABQAURP’s Joint Providership Policy

JP CME Planning Document (Word Document)  (Link to PDF file)
Link to the CME Planning Document to review prior to submission. Please contact Deborah Naser at: or (800) 998.6030 ext. 118. Once the Attestation Form is approved, a current JS Policy, CME Planning Document and Conflict of Interest form will be emailed.

Completed CME Planning Document, Planner Conflict of Interest forms, and all supporting materials must be received no later than eight (8) weeks prior to the activity. Larger activities require the planning contact within 3-6 months.  Incomplete applications will not be processed until all required information is received.

Accreditation Fees
Accreditation fees are based on the number of sessions and speakers in your activity. Please contact ABQAURP for a specific quote to meet your requirements.

Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Essential Areas and Requirements
All continuing medical education (CME) activities must comply with these guidelines.

ACCME Standards of Commercial Support
Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities

Identifying Educational Gaps
Needs assessment is the systematic process of gathering information and using it to determine instructional solutions to close the gap between current practice and best accepted practice of medicine.

Performance Based Learning Objectives (Link to PDF file)
Learning objectives should be stated in terms of what the attendee can expect to “take away” from the activity and implement in the practice setting. Objectives should be derived from the needs assessment, relate to the intended audience, and be measureable post-activity in terms of physician/clinician learning and/or practice change or patient health outcomes. This worksheet is a great tool to assist in developing objectives.

Examples of Desirable Physician Attributes (Link to PDF file)
Listing of Institute of Medicine Core Competencies, ACGME/ABMS Competencies, ABMS Maintenance of Certification, and Interprofessional Education Collaborative examples.

Conflict of Interest (COI) Faculty/Planning Committee Disclosure Form (Link to Word Document File)
All joint providers must communicate to the planners and faculty that they must follow ACCME requirements when preparing a presentation for CME.  Everyone in control of the content must complete and return a conflict of interest disclosure form, their current Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Biographical Data (Bio), and provide a copy of their presentation to ABQAURP.

Conflict of Interest (COI) Resolution Policy
ABQAURP developed a Conflict of Interest Identification & Risk Management Chart along with our Risk Management Tool to resolve conflicts of interest. We assume that resolution will be possible unless you are considered employee of a commercial interest. During this process, you may be asked for further information or to make adjustments to your presentation to become ACCME compliant.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Summary (Link to PDF file)
All speakers must insert a disclosure statement on the title slide of power point presentations or the JP must insert a summary disclosure slide prior to the first presentation each day.

Written Agreement for Commercial Support - NA
ABQAURP is NOT accepting applications with Commercial Support at this time

Commercial Support is financial, or in-kind contributions given by a commercial interest, which is used to pay all or part of the costs of a CME/CE activity. The terms, conditions, and purposes of the commercial support must be documented in a written agreement between the commercial supporter that includes the provider and its educational partner(s).

Expense and Honorarium Policy (Link to PDF file)
ACCME requires written policies and procedures governing honoraria and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for planners, teachers, and authors. The Joint provider has the option of using the ABQAURP’s policy or their own policy. If using your own policy, a copy must be provided with the application.

Commercial Support Reconciliation Income & Expenses - NA
ABQAURP is NOT accepting applications with Commercial Support at this time.

ABQAURP must be able to produce accurate documentation detailing the receipt and expenditure of the commercial support. To comply with this, a spreadsheet has been developed and joint providers must submit completed worksheet 30 days post-conference.

Post Event Survey with participant instructions flyer (Link to PDF file)
ABQAURP will provide a one-page flyer with instructions to obtain continuing education credits. The joint provider must reproduce the flyer and provide it to attendees as they arrive on site and/or post event via email so the participant can easily link to our Learning Management System.  Our robust JP activity evaluation will provide the outcomes needed to improve health care quality and patient outcomes.

ACCME Enduring Material requirements (Link to PDF file)
In order to have your activity approved as an Enduring Material, you must adhere to ACCME policy. Because there is no direct interaction between the provider and/or faculty and the learner, the provider must communicate the following information to participants so that they are aware of this information prior to starting the educational activity. A post-test is required to demonstrate participation and survey to measure outcomes for enduring materials.

The ACCME define an enduring material activity as a printed, recorded, or computer-presented CME activity that may be used over time at various locations and which, in itself, constitutes a planned activity.

ACCME Internet Live CME requirements (Link to PDF file)
In order to have your activity approved as an Internet Live Material, you must adhere to ACCME policy. There are special requirements for Internet CME because of the nature of the activities. Activities that are provided electronically, whether they have live or enduring activities, must comply with all accreditation requirements. Internet learning activities are based on a learner identifying a problem in practice and then accessing content in search for an answer from sources on the Internet that are facilitated by a CME provider.

CME/CE Verification past due activity
If you attended an ABQAURP accredited activity and did not claim your CME-CE credits, or print your certificate prior to expiration date, you may request access to the activity verification site through your joint provider. Once your attendance is verified with the activity provider, you will be directed to the activity link, pay the administrative fee, claim your credits, complete the survey and print your certificate.

For more information, contact Deborah Naser at: or (800) 998.6030 ext. 118.